You may actually have a lot of stories about loot boxes which you had uncovered in the favourite game that you are playing. I am here to tell you some things that you should know about those boxes that you absolutely love or hate. There are a lot of mixed reviews about loot boxes which are included in most of the games that we play nowadays. There are positive reviews, and negative reviews about the loot boxes because, players would be paying real money for these boxes and sometimes they are disappointed with its contents. In this article, I have written about all of the key information about loot boxes and what they exactly mean to young people and also their safety on the internet. I have talked about responsible usage as well.

Loot boxes happened to be virtual items that can be purchased within a game, using real money. In the box, users will be able to find some random items which they can customise with the help of your character in the game. The user does not receive any physical objects of the internet. They do not receive any tangible items. Loot boxes are not the only way to spend money in games. You will also be able to spend your money on some in-game purchases. These purchases can give you some items that you really want. Loot boxes are like a mystery box kind of deal. You can buy the box, and you will be surprised with what is inside. The key difference between microtransactions and loot boxes is that there is an absence of surprise. With in-game purchases, you know what you are buying. Young people really like loot boxes because they are exciting. The randomness and the potential of surprise gives them an adrenaline rush. They also have the opportunity to upgrade and alter their experience in the game, and this element is very appealing to young individuals.

 Things To Know

Purchases of loot boxes have actually gone wrong on multiple locations. There have been reports of some children racking up thousands of dollars and pounds in purchases within games. The problematic thing here is that, the credit card of their parents would be entered when they start playing the game and the details are saved. A lot of children unknowingly purchased these loot boxes and spend thousands of pounds. Some of these children had no idea that they were spending real money.


If we are talking about the advantages of a loot box, they can enhance the user experience of a game. It can give you a whole new outlook when you are playing the game. You will be able to dress up your avatar in unique ways, and this will actually make the game way more enjoyable.

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