Loot boxes are basically virtual box is that you can purchase by using real money. These boxes are available and can be opened in particular games. There are a lot of games in today’s world that feature loot boxes. The premise of these boxes are basically simple. You purchase these boxes, and you will be able to open them. They provide you with an element of surprise. You will not know what is inside them. They offer you things like upgrades, clothing, texture packs, upgrades in the games which will help your character, and more. When you purchase a loot box, you should know that you will not be getting anything that is tangible in the real world. You are purchasing a virtual box which will help you in the game. They are actually quite fun, and some game developers have done an amazing job at making very nice loot boxes.


While Microtransactions are actually quite straightforward because you are looking at something that you want in the game, and you are paying money for it. Microtransactions are actually quite famous because it is precisely like shopping online, but you do not receive the product in real life, but it helps your character in the game. Loot boxes have received mixed reactions so far because, in some games, the game developers have done a terrible job at including things in loot boxes. The game developers lose nothing by including amazing things in these boxes, but they still insist on putting things like pieces of clothing for your character in a box that you paid a lot of money for. I feel that it is very unforeseen, because the point of a loot box is that it is mysterious.


There is a lot of controversy surrounding mystery boxes or loot boxes because a lot of people are thinking it is basically gambling, in games. I am going to be very honest and straightforward shot. Yes, I agree with these people. It is very similar to gambling because, you are investing real money into something where you do not know what the outcome is. You are throwing money at the box, and you do not know what the box contains. You are gambling on the fact that the box might contain something like a treasure, for you. You are gambling with real money that you earned, for something that is virtual in a game.

I agree that it can be quite stressful, when you do not get what you want in the box.

If you are a gamer, you will have to wait and see. You also have to take a look at your wallet and see if you can afford it.

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