I think it is pretty straightforward that loot boxes are virtual boxes that contain a lot of loot, in a game. These boxes have many things that you can use in the game to become a better player. They help you with many things. If you are playing a good game with a decent game developer, they will make sure to include some very valuable things in loot boxes. One of the main reasons they include some crazy things in these boxes is because you are paying real money for them. You are actually paying real dollars for a game that you have already paid for and also for something that is intangible and electronic. I actually have seen individuals pay hundreds of dollars for things that they cannot even touch or feel. They are just upgrades in a game that they would stop playing in a couple of years.

Gaming and Gambling

But hey, to each his own.

In this guide, I will be talking about the fact that route boxes are always confused to being a part of a gaming experience and also to being a part of a gambling experience. I will talk about both the aspects and come to a conclusion. My conclusion does not have to be the same as yours.

There are two kinds of purchases that you can make in a game. You can purchase something that you can see and really want in a game, for your character. That is called a microtransaction. It is also called a gaming purchase or an in-app-purchase. But, when you buy a loot box, you do not know what you are purchasing. You have no idea what is in the box, but you have some confirmation that you will receive something. That is where I feel it is a little different from gambling. When you gamble in a casino, and when you use real money, there are absolutely no assurances that you will receive anything. But, here, in the game, you are basically placing a transaction which will gain you something out of it. You are paying money for a box that is going to give you a surprise when it is opened. It is that simple and that straightforward. Many people want to argue about the fact that you may be gambling with your money because you make it some unwonted things in the loot box, but you getting unwonted things is not predictable by anyone. You could possibly get something amazing in the box. I do agree with some people who say that you are gambling with real money on the possibility of getting something extraordinary in the game.


 Since you have all of the information, you can make a decision as to what is the real conclusion.

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