A loot box is essentially a box in a game, which gives you loot of some kind. This loot can be upgrades or clothes or weapons in the game that you are playing. In most of the games, you are either gifted this particular box, or you can buy them by using real money. In most of the cases, players have been known to pay a lot of money for these boxes, because you do not know what is in them, it is kind of a surprise. A lot of people purchase these boxes because they get an adrenaline rush out of what is in these boxes. They also believe that it helps their players avatar and also that it helps them go forward in the game. Loot boxes have actually become incredibly popular, and there I have been some mixed reactions about them. Some people tend to love them, but some of them feel it is a gigantic waste of money. There is a prevalent opinion that opening loot boxes is basically gambling within the game. One of the main reasons why people say this is because, you are gambling with real money to see if you get anything worthwhile within the game. In this guide, I will be talking about some opening animations within popular games.

 The first one that I would like to mention is “Call Of Duty World War II“, and the opening animation of the loot boxes in this game is pretty impressive. You are presented with a green box, and when it bursts open, you are presented with cards with the names of players on it. You also get to see inside the box. The opening animation is actually very well thought of and done in a beautiful manner. You also get to see what item is present on the cards which levitate in the air.

Star Wars Battlefront II

 The next one that I would like to mention is “Star Wars Battlefront II”, and the loot box costs quite a bit, within the game. Route box bursts open with a hiss that you hear. In a second, the items fly out and fill up the screen. They levitate around, so that you can see what you have bought.

In “Overwatch” the loot box is actually square in shape, and it is quite nice to look at. The box shutters and bursts open and the items fly out into the air and land on the ground. When they land on the ground they scatter themselves on the ground, revealing what they are.

 The animations are quite unique when it comes to different games. I feel that most animators and game developers have done a fantastic job at this.

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