There are so many news reports about loot boxes on the rise. The complete issue has become a significant thing on social media because of the release of many games which have loot boxes which are not exactly satisfactory. In this guide, I will be talking all about what loot boxes are and what they can do for you in games. They released loot boxes in games like Star Wars and Battlefront II, and this actually prompted an approval from the gamers who felt that they were being forced to gamble within the game to get most out of the game that they paid for. I feel it is entirely unfair to restrict gamers within the game.

Loot boxes are digital bags or boxes that the players can take after spending real money. To make things more straightforward, you are basically paying real money for an upgrade or an item within the game. If you want to know what is within a loot box, you have to pay for it with real cash. You will be asked to link your card when you start playing the game. These loot boxes have different kinds of rewards in them. Once you open the loot box, you will be able to see what is inside it. 


Loot boxes are not exactly a new thing because they have been around for at least two decades. They were introduced in many early games and players started liking the fact that they were able to find some interesting items in the loot boxes. I will tell you when a loot box does not make sense. It proves that it is not worth the money when you do not find interesting things in the box. There are many games which offer some packs or boxes, and they confirm that there are many rewards with him, but when we pay real money and when we open them, we realise that it is not worth it at all.

Loot boxes

Some gamers actually started hating loot boxes because a lot of them equated them to gambling. You basically open up a box and gain items that you may or may not want, for paying real money. You are basically gambling your money for things that you may get or may not get. The gamers do not like the fact that they have to gamble with real money for a game that they really like, for a game that they paid with their money. This would mean that the players have to blindly invest their money into something that they may or may not get; this essentially means they are gambling.

Loot boxes are just another way to suck in more players.

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