Sports betting has become extremely popular on a global scale. Citizens of different countries regularly engage in the practice of sports betting. The enthusiasm with many sports teams and sports figures translates into a sports betting frenzy in many respects. And I would suppose it’s only natural to bet on a team or sports figure that you love and admire. I would imagine this is one reason why sports betting has become so popular on a global scale. After all, what could be more rewarding than professing your sports teams or sports heroes superiority, betting on it, and then getting paid for it and then gloating and rubbing it in the opposition’s face? This is probably one of the reasons the fascination with sports betting continues to grow. But in addition to sports betting in recent times, esports video game betting has emerged as a very popular form of gambling and is skyrocketing in popularity.

The Origination Of E-Sports Video Game Betting In Canada

Canada and sports betting have a rich history. It’s believed that Canadians regularly engaged in sports betting before any laws were allowing it. And when laws were eventually introduced to regulate it in 1774 they were based on gambling laws in France and the U.K. But enforcing those laws proved to be problematic as many Canadians refused to abide by those laws. Because of Canada’s great landmass, the population was scattered over such an expansive area it was very difficult if not impossible for the government to enforce those laws. The Canadian government in 1867 eventually adopted a modified version of British gambling regulations. In 1897 a criminal code was added that dictated that anyone who broke the gambling laws could be prosecuted. Gambling was eventually banned outright and deemed illegal. But private sports betting remained largely untouched by the Canadian government. And as of late two very popular pastimes have become strange bedfellows. The merging of gambling and video gameplay has taken off in popularity. Esports (short for electronic sports) are quite popular in Canada and their origins date back to the early arcade machines when multiplayer games would pique player’s interest in betting on those games. This has resulted in widespread betting on video gameplay today so why not use the top paying casinos to do so.

Online E-Sports Betting Providers In Canada

Leo Vegas

In 2019 Leo Vegas casino was named online casino of the year. It’s recognized as one of the leading online gambling sites in the world. Many people flock to the site for a rewarding fun-filled gaming experience. Prematch live bets are available for sports like hockey, tennis, soccer, football, and basketball. The 2019 mobile operator of the year title was also awarded to Leo Vegas because of its impressive mobile site. Some of the most popular slot games like Immortal Romance, Reactoonz, Sakura Fortune, Starburst, Mega Moolah, Book of Dead are available for play. Canadians can choose from over a thousand real money games while also having access to over 200 free games. Also, video game competition is growing rapidly in Canada, and along with it a desire to bet on those video game competitions. The betting on video games is becoming as frenzied as sports betting on-sites like LeooVegas. Leo Vegas offers a huge range of esports games for betting. The list includes games like League of Legends, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike Go, NBA2K, Overwatch,  Rainbow 6, as just some options. The betting options are not as bountiful as regular sporting events but this is sure to change over time as esports continues to grow in popularity. Map Handicap, Correct Score, Total Maps, Player With Most Kills, Match Odds, are just some of the esports betting markets available on Leo Vegas.

Betway Canada

In 2006 Betway sportsbook and casino was launched by the Betway group. Its betting platforms consisted of bingo, poker, and horse racing. Malta and the U.K. are just some of the countries where it maintains licensing. Betway is recognized as one of the premier betting platforms. West Ham United Premier League Football Club is just one of the heavyweights Betway is associated with. Canuck handicappers are also recognized and respected by Betway. All new customers get a 100% first deposit match reward after clicking on the options button. Additionally, Betway offers a myriad of esports betting markets similarly mirroring esports betting markets on Leo Vegas-like Global Offensive, League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter-Strike, etc. Prizes can rise in the millions and tournaments are played around the globe. Betway was also one of the first betting sites that offered in-play betting. You can also bet on markets like LoL World Championships, Perfect World Masters, Dota Pit League, Intel Extreme Masters, ESEA Australia/North America, and Blast Pro Series, just to name a few.

888 E-Sports

888 sports offers a unique website design that’s appealing and sparks interest. With 100 markets and twenty sports to choose from you should be able to find exactly what you are looking for if you are a betting man or woman. 888 sports is one of the oldest sports betting sites considering it was launched in 1997. Because it has sponsored several teams over the years it has a respected reputation and is well known in the industry. It’s popular worldwide and is recognized in both Canada and Europe. 888 sports is also licensed in many areas including Gibraltar and other industry organizations. 888 sports has obviously put sports betting first in terms of importance and popularity but esports betting continues to grow in popularity and 888 sports offers several esports betting markets to enjoy. In-play esports bets are very popular as well and continue to grow and gain in popularity. Similarly, they offer esports like Counter Strike Global Offensive and League of Legends. And large tournaments like LCK and LoL LCS are also offered. They don’t offer a big live betting market and you can only pick match-winner in-play bets. So if you’re interested in live streaming events for your bets a site that offers dedicated esports betting would probably be more suitable for you.


Bet365 is recognized as one of the largest online betting sites in the world. Bet365 originated as a result of land-based betting concepts which were established in 1974 and it offers several sports betting options. Online betting, by the way, is completely legal in Canada. Many online gambling options are now available for Canadians because of online gambling acceptance. Gambling has evolved in Canada because of the availability and acceptance of online gambling. And Bet365 has been one of the pioneers of online gambling. So if you are a Canadian citizen you do not need to worry as millions of Canadians regularly gamble online without fear of consequence. Bet365 also offers up to a $200 bet credit when you open an account with them. Opening an account only requires five dollars and Bet365 matches whatever amount you use to open an account. Bet365 is focused on delivering some of the best sports betting action. Bet 365 based in Trent England is estimated to have an online membership in the area of 22 million customers worldwide. In-game betting is one of its more popular gaming options. Bet365 offers a much better betting option for Canucks in comparison to the money burning slanted government sports lotteries they’re accustomed to. Also, esports betting is very popular. Their esports betting markets also includes popular games like  StarCraft II, CS: GO, Dota 2, League of Legends, etc. Tournaments like  LEC, LCS, LPL, LCK, are also available for play. Esports live betting is also offered by Bet365. Esports betting continues to grow in popularity worldwide and with the advancement and interest in technology it’s just a matter of time before it’s on par with regular sports betting

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