There was a person who would like to remain anonymous. He said that he didn’t want to continue with the trend anymore. He said that he couldn’t do it anymore and it was a problem because he doesn’t want to spend any money on POE (Path Of Exile) and he also said that he knows it’s a slippery slope that will not stop until he spends a lot of money. Path Of Exile (POE) happens to be a free to play a role-playing game which sells these loot boxes. Loot boxes have actually become really famous, and a lot of players have actually started liking them quite a bit. The game was developed and published by a New Zealand-based studio, and it was later acquired by a Chinese company.

 The game successfully operates in seasons and gives the customers new items every single season. You can put the gear on your avatar, and you can make purchases in the in-game shop. Every single time a season ends, a lot of the items in the mystery boxes are placed in the shop, and people can purchase them directly, but these transactions can actually be very expensive. It can actually go up to hundreds of dollars. That is why people have started liking loot boxes. You can get these items for free in loot boxes. People always jump on loot boxes because they think that they would get a deal, but that is not precisely how gambling works. It would be best if you understood that the house always wins.

 Another user reported that he spent over $10,000 on loot boxes over many years. I honestly do not see the point of spending thousands of dollars on a game. There were some discussions going around about loot boxes, and we all agreed that loot boxes are one of the main examples as to why we need an update on some gambling laws.

Loot boxes

Loot boxes have technically been around in one form or another since the early 2000s. They have been around for almost 2 decades, and they have evolved into a system of never-ending in-app purchases. For example, if I download a game, yes, it does offer in-app purchases. A Japanese mobile game actually popularised the model in the early 2010s.

A loot box actually became a randomised item which drops in the game when you are playing. It is a virtual crate that players pay for in real life with real money if they want to open it in the game. These greats have been really popular for containing some items which you can use in the game. I just want to confirm that these boxes are intangible.

 It would help the players in the game immensely, and that is why everyone became obsessed with it.

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