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Some Of The Best And Worst Loot Boxes In PC Games

PC Games

When I am playing a game, I love dressing up my characters, and I love getting things for free in the game. Because, I paid for the game and also because it gives me a dopamine rush and it gives me some amazing animations and sounds as well. The science and psychology of getting free things in a game is a surprise. A lot of people would take a wild guess, and they would say that it does feel nice, and I agree that I do celebrate loot with some superficial charm. In this guide, I will be reflecting on the rise of some trendiest micro-transactions schemes before it completely overwhelms your video games. I have gathered some of the best and some of the worst loot boxes which are out there. I will try to steer this phenomenon on in a healthy direction.

I want to make myself clear. I am not endorsing this loot boxes, and there is certainly a lot to criticise. I am just going to be inspecting them and talking about them.


I will now be mentioning some of the best loot boxes, according to what I have experienced.

Overwatch is the first one I would like to talk about. There is absolutely no surprise here. Blizzard has set a great standard with the loot box which you get in Overwatch. In my opinion, the opening animation is exactly what I would like to see happen. The light spills out of the seams, and the box shakes and then suddenly burst open. It later spells out the contents in a proper and neat arrangement. This definitely helps my OCD. It is exactly like a pressure cooker which is pushed beyond its capacity. It explodes by giving you loot. The next one I would like to mention would be the loot box from Battlefield 1- Battlepacks.

This particular loot crate is a great one. The forceful opening sequence is actually something that I really like. The light emanates from inside, and the box bursts open and gives you a lovely animation.


Some other great ones are “Shadowverese- Card Packs”, “Destiny 2 – Engrams”, “The Elder Scrolls Online – Crown Crates” and “Fortnite – Pinatas”.

Now to talk about some of the worst ones. The first one I would like to mention is “The Division – Encrypted Caches”, and in one of its latest updates, it finally got loot boxes. From a presentation standpoint, it is pretty good. The box unfurls only to reveal the icons of what you can find in it. I feel it is a pretty mediocre one.

The next one is going to blow your mind. PUBG – Crates. There is almost no opening animation. When you get to it, you just see what is inside.

What Exactly Are Loot Boxes? What Is The Big Controversy?


There are so many news reports about loot boxes on the rise. The complete issue has become a significant thing on social media because of the release of many games which have loot boxes which are not exactly satisfactory. In this guide, I will be talking all about what loot boxes are and what they can do for you in games. They released loot boxes in games like Star Wars and Battlefront II, and this actually prompted an approval from the gamers who felt that they were being forced to gamble within the game to get most out of the game that they paid for. I feel it is entirely unfair to restrict gamers within the game.

Loot boxes are digital bags or boxes that the players can take after spending real money. To make things more straightforward, you are basically paying real money for an upgrade or an item within the game. If you want to know what is within a loot box, you have to pay for it with real cash. You will be asked to link your card when you start playing the game. These loot boxes have different kinds of rewards in them. Once you open the loot box, you will be able to see what is inside it. 


Loot boxes are not exactly a new thing because they have been around for at least two decades. They were introduced in many early games and players started liking the fact that they were able to find some interesting items in the loot boxes. I will tell you when a loot box does not make sense. It proves that it is not worth the money when you do not find interesting things in the box. There are many games which offer some packs or boxes, and they confirm that there are many rewards with him, but when we pay real money and when we open them, we realise that it is not worth it at all.

Loot boxes

Some gamers actually started hating loot boxes because a lot of them equated them to gambling. You basically open up a box and gain items that you may or may not want, for paying real money. You are basically gambling your money for things that you may get or may not get. The gamers do not like the fact that they have to gamble with real money for a game that they really like, for a game that they paid with their money. This would mean that the players have to blindly invest their money into something that they may or may not get; this essentially means they are gambling.

Loot boxes are just another way to suck in more players.

Loot Boxes: How Are They Controversial?

Loot Boxes

Loot boxes are basically virtual box is that you can purchase by using real money. These boxes are available and can be opened in particular games. There are a lot of games in today’s world that feature loot boxes. The premise of these boxes are basically simple. You purchase these boxes, and you will be able to open them. They provide you with an element of surprise. You will not know what is inside them. They offer you things like upgrades, clothing, texture packs, upgrades in the games which will help your character, and more. When you purchase a loot box, you should know that you will not be getting anything that is tangible in the real world. You are purchasing a virtual box which will help you in the game. They are actually quite fun, and some game developers have done an amazing job at making very nice loot boxes.


While Microtransactions are actually quite straightforward because you are looking at something that you want in the game, and you are paying money for it. Microtransactions are actually quite famous because it is precisely like shopping online, but you do not receive the product in real life, but it helps your character in the game. Loot boxes have received mixed reactions so far because, in some games, the game developers have done a terrible job at including things in loot boxes. The game developers lose nothing by including amazing things in these boxes, but they still insist on putting things like pieces of clothing for your character in a box that you paid a lot of money for. I feel that it is very unforeseen, because the point of a loot box is that it is mysterious.


There is a lot of controversy surrounding mystery boxes or loot boxes because a lot of people are thinking it is basically gambling, in games. I am going to be very honest and straightforward shot. Yes, I agree with these people. It is very similar to gambling because, you are investing real money into something where you do not know what the outcome is. You are throwing money at the box, and you do not know what the box contains. You are gambling on the fact that the box might contain something like a treasure, for you. You are gambling with real money that you earned, for something that is virtual in a game.

I agree that it can be quite stressful, when you do not get what you want in the box.

If you are a gamer, you will have to wait and see. You also have to take a look at your wallet and see if you can afford it.

Things You Should Be Knowing About Loot Boxes

Things To Know

You may actually have a lot of stories about loot boxes which you had uncovered in the favourite game that you are playing. I am here to tell you some things that you should know about those boxes that you absolutely love or hate. There are a lot of mixed reviews about loot boxes which are included in most of the games that we play nowadays. There are positive reviews, and negative reviews about the loot boxes because, players would be paying real money for these boxes and sometimes they are disappointed with its contents. In this article, I have written about all of the key information about loot boxes and what they exactly mean to young people and also their safety on the internet. I have talked about responsible usage as well.

Loot boxes happened to be virtual items that can be purchased within a game, using real money. In the box, users will be able to find some random items which they can customise with the help of your character in the game. The user does not receive any physical objects of the internet. They do not receive any tangible items. Loot boxes are not the only way to spend money in games. You will also be able to spend your money on some in-game purchases. These purchases can give you some items that you really want. Loot boxes are like a mystery box kind of deal. You can buy the box, and you will be surprised with what is inside. The key difference between microtransactions and loot boxes is that there is an absence of surprise. With in-game purchases, you know what you are buying. Young people really like loot boxes because they are exciting. The randomness and the potential of surprise gives them an adrenaline rush. They also have the opportunity to upgrade and alter their experience in the game, and this element is very appealing to young individuals.

 Things To Know

Purchases of loot boxes have actually gone wrong on multiple locations. There have been reports of some children racking up thousands of dollars and pounds in purchases within games. The problematic thing here is that, the credit card of their parents would be entered when they start playing the game and the details are saved. A lot of children unknowingly purchased these loot boxes and spend thousands of pounds. Some of these children had no idea that they were spending real money.


If we are talking about the advantages of a loot box, they can enhance the user experience of a game. It can give you a whole new outlook when you are playing the game. You will be able to dress up your avatar in unique ways, and this will actually make the game way more enjoyable.

Some Of The Dumbest Loot Box Systems

Dumbest Loot

I would like to start this guide by saying, “What were they even thinking?” Because, over the last couple of years, loot boxes and all kinds of other microtransactions have been managed to make sure that they were on their way into games to a very obscene degree. It has successfully managed to get the attention of both the house and the politicians as well. Some things have actually eased off; there are still some things that are shady, in the system.

Here are some of the dumbest loot box systems in games.

The first one I would like to bring up would be, Tom Clancy’s “The Division” (2016). The loot boxes are actually scummy, and none of them promise something of value. The ones in this game did not receive a particular memo where there should be some things of value. Other games have been known to offer some amazing and legendary items in the loot boxes which you can use, but this game does the exact opposite. It gives the player clothes.

The next one is “PlayersUnkwown Battlegrounds” (2017). It is actually bad enough that an early access game would have microtransactions. It is like a quick kick in the shins when these microtransactions happened to be loot boxes which aren’t even impressive. The greats contain some aesthetic items like clothing and some sprays. You do have some options, but I feel it is a very unimpressive one.


I want to mention “Forza Motorsport 7” (2017) as well. Loot boxes technically do not have to be extremely complicated. But this game makes them so. They are implemented as prize crates, and they do not get cosmetic items for your driver or your car. Why can’t the game modifiers just implement this feature into the game? They make it so that we have to earn our right to make the game more interesting. That is actually one of the saddest things I have seen so far. It is like we have to pay to earn the things that we earn anyway.


The next one is “Star Wars: Battlefront II” and it came out in 2017. I am sure you are wondering about the new season passes. Loot boxes are present in this game. You will be able to get more loot boxes because of the icon at the corner of the screen. A lot of people are okay with attending cosmetic stuff because the ugliness comes along with the inclusion of the star cards within the progression system. The ultimate establishment of the pay to win system is annoying indeed.

These were some of the dumbest loot box systems in many games.

Are loot boxes just Gaming or Gambling?


The massive debate around classifying loot boxes as either a form of gambling or gaming is quite evident, and people are having a hard time coming to a conclusion. Due to that, we are going to dig deeper into the activity and discover the results that you have all been waiting for. As each division brings forward a new concept, an examination will be a part of the process, along with the outcome that it promises. So without further ado, here’s what you need to know.


The Functionality

Loot boxes work in a specific manner by involving currencies that either tends to be in-game or real money. Due to that, the rewards will be randomized, which is quite similar to several gambling games that already exist. As far as the outcome is concerned, the reward or gift might be a new form of clothing for your game character that does not necessarily give you an edge over other players. Due to that, it also has elements that are not commonly associated with the gambling industry because the bonuses and specific odds tend to provide an edge.

The Aspect of Trading

The story of rewards does not end with that climax because loot boxes also have something additional to offer. Players have discovered that the rewards can be traded with each other for real money. This discovery brings loot boxes closer to the monetary aspects that have already been a massive part of gambling. As a result, the definition tends to go back and forth with similarities and differences. So when you examine the same, you will realize why both parties have not been able to conclude.

The Players

The Players

Another exciting aspect of loot boxes comes from players or individuals who tend to find the game exciting. These players are not beginners in the world of gambling, rather gamblers who have had their very own experience with gambling. While we do not deny the presence of beginners, the majority tend to be experts who are here to test and play the game. If gamblers should come in and try such games, then similarities need to be the main reason. As a result, classifying the same to be gambling is entirely meaningful.

Moreover, the report submitted by the House of Lords on the 3rd of September, 2020 states its results as valid findings in order to classify loot boxes as tools for gambling. To be precise, they will recommend the government to classify the game under the remit 2005 Gambling Act of the UK. So when you consider the same and look into the points mentioned above, you can come to a conclusion that classified loot boxes as gambling.

How Gamers Got Hooked Onto Loot Boxes

Gamers Got Hooked Onto Loot Boxes

There was a person who would like to remain anonymous. He said that he didn’t want to continue with the trend anymore. He said that he couldn’t do it anymore and it was a problem because he doesn’t want to spend any money on POE (Path Of Exile) and he also said that he knows it’s a slippery slope that will not stop until he spends a lot of money. Path Of Exile (POE) happens to be a free to play a role-playing game which sells these loot boxes. Loot boxes have actually become really famous, and a lot of players have actually started liking them quite a bit. The game was developed and published by a New Zealand-based studio, and it was later acquired by a Chinese company.

 The game successfully operates in seasons and gives the customers new items every single season. You can put the gear on your avatar, and you can make purchases in the in-game shop. Every single time a season ends, a lot of the items in the mystery boxes are placed in the shop, and people can purchase them directly, but these transactions can actually be very expensive. It can actually go up to hundreds of dollars. That is why people have started liking loot boxes. You can get these items for free in loot boxes. People always jump on loot boxes because they think that they would get a deal, but that is not precisely how gambling works. It would be best if you understood that the house always wins.

 Another user reported that he spent over $10,000 on loot boxes over many years. I honestly do not see the point of spending thousands of dollars on a game. There were some discussions going around about loot boxes, and we all agreed that loot boxes are one of the main examples as to why we need an update on some gambling laws.

Loot boxes

Loot boxes have technically been around in one form or another since the early 2000s. They have been around for almost 2 decades, and they have evolved into a system of never-ending in-app purchases. For example, if I download a game, yes, it does offer in-app purchases. A Japanese mobile game actually popularised the model in the early 2010s.

A loot box actually became a randomised item which drops in the game when you are playing. It is a virtual crate that players pay for in real life with real money if they want to open it in the game. These greats have been really popular for containing some items which you can use in the game. I just want to confirm that these boxes are intangible.

 It would help the players in the game immensely, and that is why everyone became obsessed with it.

Loot Box Gaming Animations

Gaming Animations

A loot box is essentially a box in a game, which gives you loot of some kind. This loot can be upgrades or clothes or weapons in the game that you are playing. In most of the games, you are either gifted this particular box, or you can buy them by using real money. In most of the cases, players have been known to pay a lot of money for these boxes, because you do not know what is in them, it is kind of a surprise. A lot of people purchase these boxes because they get an adrenaline rush out of what is in these boxes. They also believe that it helps their players avatar and also that it helps them go forward in the game. Loot boxes have actually become incredibly popular, and there I have been some mixed reactions about them. Some people tend to love them, but some of them feel it is a gigantic waste of money. There is a prevalent opinion that opening loot boxes is basically gambling within the game. One of the main reasons why people say this is because, you are gambling with real money to see if you get anything worthwhile within the game. In this guide, I will be talking about some opening animations within popular games.

 The first one that I would like to mention is “Call Of Duty World War II“, and the opening animation of the loot boxes in this game is pretty impressive. You are presented with a green box, and when it bursts open, you are presented with cards with the names of players on it. You also get to see inside the box. The opening animation is actually very well thought of and done in a beautiful manner. You also get to see what item is present on the cards which levitate in the air.

Star Wars Battlefront II

 The next one that I would like to mention is “Star Wars Battlefront II”, and the loot box costs quite a bit, within the game. Route box bursts open with a hiss that you hear. In a second, the items fly out and fill up the screen. They levitate around, so that you can see what you have bought.

In “Overwatch” the loot box is actually square in shape, and it is quite nice to look at. The box shutters and bursts open and the items fly out into the air and land on the ground. When they land on the ground they scatter themselves on the ground, revealing what they are.

 The animations are quite unique when it comes to different games. I feel that most animators and game developers have done a fantastic job at this.

Loot Boxes: Gaming Or Gambling

Gaming Or Gambling

I think it is pretty straightforward that loot boxes are virtual boxes that contain a lot of loot, in a game. These boxes have many things that you can use in the game to become a better player. They help you with many things. If you are playing a good game with a decent game developer, they will make sure to include some very valuable things in loot boxes. One of the main reasons they include some crazy things in these boxes is because you are paying real money for them. You are actually paying real dollars for a game that you have already paid for and also for something that is intangible and electronic. I actually have seen individuals pay hundreds of dollars for things that they cannot even touch or feel. They are just upgrades in a game that they would stop playing in a couple of years.

Gaming and Gambling

But hey, to each his own.

In this guide, I will be talking about the fact that route boxes are always confused to being a part of a gaming experience and also to being a part of a gambling experience. I will talk about both the aspects and come to a conclusion. My conclusion does not have to be the same as yours.

There are two kinds of purchases that you can make in a game. You can purchase something that you can see and really want in a game, for your character. That is called a microtransaction. It is also called a gaming purchase or an in-app-purchase. But, when you buy a loot box, you do not know what you are purchasing. You have no idea what is in the box, but you have some confirmation that you will receive something. That is where I feel it is a little different from gambling. When you gamble in a casino, and when you use real money, there are absolutely no assurances that you will receive anything. But, here, in the game, you are basically placing a transaction which will gain you something out of it. You are paying money for a box that is going to give you a surprise when it is opened. It is that simple and that straightforward. Many people want to argue about the fact that you may be gambling with your money because you make it some unwonted things in the loot box, but you getting unwonted things is not predictable by anyone. You could possibly get something amazing in the box. I do agree with some people who say that you are gambling with real money on the possibility of getting something extraordinary in the game.


 Since you have all of the information, you can make a decision as to what is the real conclusion.

Understanding the Game of Loot Boxes

Game of Loot Boxes

The introduction of loot boxes into the gaming industry has led people into different modes of confusion as they manage to come to terms with the classification of the game. Is it a type of gambling or just another game that we all love to play? Well, the only way to analyze this virtual game is to look into all that it provides and figuring out the extent of the same. So without further ado, let’s dig right into the aspect and acknowledge all that it stands to deliver.

The Motive and Outcome

Few main reasons why people tend to gamble revolves around the motive of the game and the desired outcome that they want to achieve. For most gambling games, both the motive and the outcome that they want to achieve is money. So games that do not rely on these aspects cannot be classified as gambling. However, the same cannot be told for loot boxes because the concept of monetary transactions and rewards are present.

Understanding the Game of Loot Boxes

Although it has absolutely nothing to do with real money, the board set of features that it provides helps you exchange the rewards for real money. Moreover, the ease with which you can manage to make online payments makes matters more interesting. As a result, classifying the game to be a method of gambling stands to be ideal and straightforward.

Different Forms of Action

While these sets of analysis tend to point towards an obvious fact, countries worldwide have reacted to the same differently. When one classifies loot boxes to be a method of gambling, others have gone ahead to ban the same. One of the top reasons for the latter part of the reaction comes from the fact that children should never be exposed to gambling. Considering the game, that reaction stands to be vital because young children might not be able to grasp the same and will end up taking it out of context.

The Decision

The Decision

Regardless of whatever happens, the government needs to make a decision that values every single point. While the game, in general, does not cause any harm, it should be shaped with the right classification that underlines the activity. By doing so, one will be exposed to the broad term, and the features can be further exploited to the player’s interests and likes. Due to that, loot boxes need to be looked into, and the right steps should be taken without fail. When everything goes according to the plan, you will be left with a conclusion that matters the most.

Hence that sums up our understanding of the popular game of loot boxes and how its actions are being perceived.

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