I would like to start this guide by saying, “What were they even thinking?” Because, over the last couple of years, loot boxes and all kinds of other microtransactions have been managed to make sure that they were on their way into games to a very obscene degree. It has successfully managed to get the attention of both the house and the politicians as well. Some things have actually eased off; there are still some things that are shady, in the system.

Here are some of the dumbest loot box systems in games.

The first one I would like to bring up would be, Tom Clancy’s “The Division” (2016). The loot boxes are actually scummy, and none of them promise something of value. The ones in this game did not receive a particular memo where there should be some things of value. Other games have been known to offer some amazing and legendary items in the loot boxes which you can use, but this game does the exact opposite. It gives the player clothes.

The next one is “PlayersUnkwown Battlegrounds” (2017). It is actually bad enough that an early access game would have microtransactions. It is like a quick kick in the shins when these microtransactions happened to be loot boxes which aren’t even impressive. The greats contain some aesthetic items like clothing and some sprays. You do have some options, but I feel it is a very unimpressive one.


I want to mention “Forza Motorsport 7” (2017) as well. Loot boxes technically do not have to be extremely complicated. But this game makes them so. They are implemented as prize crates, and they do not get cosmetic items for your driver or your car. Why can’t the game modifiers just implement this feature into the game? They make it so that we have to earn our right to make the game more interesting. That is actually one of the saddest things I have seen so far. It is like we have to pay to earn the things that we earn anyway.


The next one is “Star Wars: Battlefront II” and it came out in 2017. I am sure you are wondering about the new season passes. Loot boxes are present in this game. You will be able to get more loot boxes because of the icon at the corner of the screen. A lot of people are okay with attending cosmetic stuff because the ugliness comes along with the inclusion of the star cards within the progression system. The ultimate establishment of the pay to win system is annoying indeed.

These were some of the dumbest loot box systems in many games.

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