E-Sports (also known as Electronic Sports) has become one of the Worlds Fastest Growing Forms of Sports Entertainment. Traditional Sports are suffering while E-Sports are on the rise, Also entering the gaming Industry is the Franchise Owners of our Favorite Sports Teams, They are creating their own Sports Teams to compete Against others in the Gaming Industry, It a form of Sports Competition through Video Games. With The Covid-19 Lockdown this year, Canada’s E-Sports has financially grown and one of the main reasons that E-sports has become popular. The Canadians have Identified themselves as Successful Gamer. The E-Sports Industry is filling the gap and taking place of all our Major Sporting Events Worldwide. E-Sports is a legitimate industry in North America, Given the rapid rise of gaming in North America,

Investors are starting to take Interest, Canada has taken the lead in the E-sports Industry, but to Bet in Canada, you need to take a look at Canada’s Laws and Regulations surrounding Online Betting. There are no Domestically based Canada betting sites for E-sports, but one can take a look at Offshore Bookies that are offering E-Sports in Canada. The Offshore Bookies offer E-Sports Services to the Canadians thus resulting in one of the Worlds Most Popular E-Sports. E-Sports has a 70% Fan base that is between the ages of (16 to 34) this is Huge, But it is also the age group that is hardest to reach, Minimum age to play E-Sports is 17 years of age, Canadians have become Lucrative in the Global Gaming and E-Sports Industries, Canada is also Thriving in the Stock Market with E-Sports. E-Sports in Canada has increased in Popularity, with Most Sports Team Owners seeing E-Sports as an Independent Marketing Opportunity, Resulting in More Sports Team Owners getting Involved in Canada’s E-Sports.

The Canadians have Strong Growth in the E-sports Industry. Canada has become the Leader in the Gaming and E-Sports Industry. Even the Motion Picture Cineplexes’ have become involved in Canada’s E-Sports Industry, they have created their own E-Sports League that will play in the Canadian Theaters. EGLX is Canada’s Largest Video Gaming Expo that is usually held on a weekend, it’s a way gamers can have fun and be competitive, Due to the COVID they were not able to meet but did find they could hold it online. E-Sports has made a Major Shift in the World of Entertainment with rising Popularity. The Most Popular E-Sports in Canada are: (Counter-Strike, Global Offensive, referred to as CSGO Betting, League of Legends) is another popular game for E-sports in Canada. People are continually looking for the Best online betting sites, Canada is increasing daily on their E-Sports, this is due to their variety of games they offer such as FIFA, NBA-2K and Fortnite.

Here are Various Ways you can Bet through Canada’s E-Sports Listed Below:

1. Matched Betting

2. Accumulators

3. In-Play Bets

4. Bets in Specific Game Events E-Sports has become one of the world’s favourite forms of entertainment since the cancellation of all Major Sporting Events Worldwide.

The Top 5 E-Sports Rated companies are 

1. Uniken


3. Luckbox

4. Winners Bet


In 2018 Canada’s E-Sports became the next Billion Dollar Industry. with a market of US$865 Million. Canada’s E-sports is Forecasted in 2022 to reach US$1.79 Billion in increases, that is a 22.3% Increase in Canada’s E-Sports Industry. With these Increases, Canadas E-Sports has opened up Job Opportunities in the Gaming Industry. The exciting part of the new gaming industry is you don’t know who you’re going to be teamed up with or competing against. E-Sports Canada Presents Job Seekers with Genuine Job Opportunities and is Considered a Viable Career for people who are interested in Gaming. You do not have to be a Professional Gamer to become employed through Canada’s E-Sports. If you want to become a Paid Gamer, you need to Pick your Genre that Interests you, Research your Strategies and Techniques, Watch some Professional Competitions, Join a Network of Gamers, Compete in Tournaments and League’s, Lastly Ensure you have the Best Equipment.

Below are 5 ways to start your career in E-sports:

1. Become Engaged

2. Find Your Niche

3. Volunteer such as Gaming Expo’s

4. Work Experience

5. Watch for Opportunities to join the E-Sports industry.

In 2016 Canada’s E-Sports had a Projected Revenue of $500m, Thus resulting in more companies getting involved and more jobs becoming available for the inexperienced and experienced. There are three things to remember if you want to be Successful in E-sports betting in Canada: * Know your Games, Players, Tournaments and Sports. Start with Small Bets instead of Large bets If you enjoy Sports, Competition and want something to do to get through these rough times during COVID-19, whether it’s playing in the E-Sports World or Finding Job Opportunities, this would be the way to enjoy your time with E-Sports through Canadas Gaming Sites. E-Sports is the exciting new Future for the Sports Industry.

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